You name is Ghost, and you are cursed(?) with the ability to be brought back from death.

It's not fail-proof, it doesn't make you invincible, but it certainly gives you an edge above any other soldier. In the middle of the war, you fall in battle to an enemy knight who beheads you. When you wake up, miraculously healed, you realize what a difficult situation you've gotten yourself into. You decide to talk to your friends and find out exactly what could be so terribly wrong with dying over, and over, and over again. You can come back, can't you?

When death is (relatively) easy to survive, it does somethings to you. Creates new problems, makes some problems worse, worries your friends and family... so on and so forth. In this short visual novel, play as a semi-immortal character whose repeated deaths have started to worry his friends, despite being unconcerned with it himself.

Please check the content warnings (accessible from the game's main menu) before playing. If image issues arise (not appearing or disappearing properly), refreshing the page will reload the images properly.

The original version (which is downloadable) was submitted to the I Can't Draw But Want To Make A Game (Again) Jam!

NOTE: This game is playable on mobile, but text may "break" out of the text box on smaller devices.

Install instructions

The downloadable zip file contains v1 of this game, which was submitted to the I Can't Draw jam.


Download 9 MB

Development log


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Great work on all this. The writing and vagueness certainly leads one for an interesting ending. I really enjoyed the mix of real life backgrounds and cute homemade foregrounds.


Thank you! The photograph backgrounds ended up being a time crunch requirement, but I'm glad it worked out visually


Damn that was pretty damn good, u def had me thinking about what was morally right or wrong to do which i commend lol

Thanks! I'm glad it was successful in getting you to think about your decisions before you made them